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  • Velkommen til vår blogg

    Her vil dere se de siste fotograferingene vi har gjort, sammen med tips og nyheter. Vi setter pris på deres kommentarer og ikke nøl med å gi forslag om ting dere ønsker å se her i fremtiden.
    Angelworx er fotografer som spesialiserer seg på bryllup & portrett. Vi er basert i Oslo/Akershus, men tar oppdrag over hele Norge og også utenfor landets grenser.

  • Reflective/Gjenspeilende

    I have my own unique style and creative vision, but it is still important for me that the person in front of the lens shines through in the images with their personal contribution. Their personality should leave an imprint on the photographs. I have no template or exact formula for the end result, we create it together as a collaboration.

    Jeg har min egen unike stil og kreative visjon, men det er fortsatt viktig for meg at personene foran kameraet skinner gjennom med deres personlige bidrag. Deres personlighet skal sette preg på bildene. Jeg har ingen eksakt mal eller formel for sluttresultatet; det skaper vi sammen.

  • Narrative/Skildrende

    In wedding photography, the images will recreate the story of your big day. This is a day filled with emotions, events and impressions and it all happens in a fast pace. Therefore my goal to provide you photos that vividly narrates how the day unfolded as if it was yesterday. And even the details that you missed. As portrait photographer, I document the persons in different ages and phases to tell the story of your life. We are your extra set of creative eyes that translate your life in pixels.

    Bryllupsfotografering gjenskaper fortellingen om deres store dag. Dette er en dag fylt med følelser, hendelser og inntrykk og alt skjer i relativt rask tempo. Derfor er målet mitt å levere bilder som tydelig forteller hvordan dagen utfoldet seg som om det var i går. Og til og med de detaljene som dere gikk glipp av. Som portrettfotograf, så dokumenterer jeg mennesker i forskjellige aldre og livsfaser for å fortelle historien om deres liv. Vi er deres ekstra sett av kreative øyner som oversetter livet i piksler.

  • Thoughtful/Omtenksom

    We put a lot of effort and preparation into our work as photographers. I try to know as much as possible about you so I can deliver a result I know you will appreciate. We strive to give a good variation through a good balance of photojournalistic style and elegant portraits. There will be elements of people, emotions and details. Then we carefully select your images through thorough quality control and further enhance them with timeless and subtle photoprocessing.

    Vi legger mye bak fotograferingen og legger ingenting til tilfeldighetene. Vi prøver så godt som mlulig å bli kjent med dere så vi kan levere et resultat som vi vet dere vil sette pris på. Vi anstrenger så mye vi kan for å gi dere en variert utvalg med en god balanse av fotojournalistisk stil og elegante portretter. Dere får alt av mennesker, følelser og detaljer. Så vil vi forsiktig gå gjennom utvalget gjennom nøye kvalitetskontroll og deretter forbedre dem med tidløs og diskret etterbehandling.

Angelworx: Spring cleaning

Howdee! Spring is upon Norway and in fact it came early this year. I don´t know if I should be happy or concerned that this is an effect of polluting our earth. It´s good though to have sunny days and vitamin D and seeing the greens come out. I love spring.

Spring Cleaning

I have taken some time cleaning up stuff in my business. Getting rid of clutter and also updated a lot of stuff.

  • I have cleaned the galleries in my homepage. Check it out. I have inserted a slideshow on this blogpost below.
  • Edited my long bio
  • Revised my workflow
  • Revised my prices and product offering. New prices and packages will be announced soon. In the meantime the old pricing structure still remains.
  • Getting rid of my old gear and building up my new set
  • Cleaned up my Facebook page because of the timeline changes. Become a fan here :)
  • Made a purchasing plan and new budgets and also a thorough marketing plan
  • Made a question and answer portion on my site
  • Cameragear section added too
  • Got rid of blog clutter like the sidebar
  • And what is spring cleaning without real cleaning. Throwing papers and reorganizing the office.

facebook timeline cover

My Facebook page cover photo

The transition

I have played a bit with the MK III and I am loving it so far. I bought the 50 1.4 after going back and forth on 50 1.4 and 50 1.2. Because of speed, price and bokeh quality (seen samples with more obvious green fringing and cat´s eye type of bokeh), I chose the 1.4.

5D MK III, Canon 50 1.4, Nittedal

These images are taken with 50 1.4. With a diffuser on the left and open shade to the right

I also bought an 85 1.2. At this focal length, I didn´t mind splurging a bit for a more wider aperture. Perfect portrait lens and the color is awesome.

Canon 85 1.2
Canon 85 1.2

All images above taken with 85 1.2L II USM. It does such agood job at so high ISO.

It took a short time to get used to the button placement and functionality of Canon. There is some small stuff that is a bit annoying going over from Nikon like the lock in the shooting mode (this is new in the MK III). There is also the main dial placement in relation to the WB, ISO buttons. Other than that I like the live view buttons, the quick mode button and adjusting the setting on screen. The joystick for shifting focus point is also a great thing. All in all, I am very satisfied!

Video is excellent of course and I want to learn Final Cut. The problem is so little time, and I don´t like to do things halfheartedly. I want to learn all the options cause I am so fidgety about details (I believe that your creative horizon expands the more knowledge you have).

Other news

My son has got his spot in the kindergarten near us. I am excited for him since I know that he will get a lot of playtime and playmates. At the same time, I am also dreading this time. I know that the first days will be hard for both him and me. He is growing up so fast and he is such a fun, smart and sweet kid. I should have a seperate blog for him to document his growing up.

bubbles, canon 5d mk III, af servo
bubbles, canon 5d mk III, af servo
canon 5d mk III, af servo

My bestfriends youngest brother died tragically some days ago. It´s sad that I am so far away at times like these. I also had two relatives pass away which is very sad and I really feel for their family who is even sadder than I am.

We´re heading to Turkey in september for one week. We haven´t really travelled and had a vacation since 2008. We´re going there because of my brother in law´s wedding, so we will be many and it´s gonna be a lot of fun. One week is kind of short, but actually we couldn´t afford it, so being able to go, is a plus itself.

This is kind of personal, but I want to share it to heed as warning to others. We have been swindled. We sold our car in 2009 and never got paid for it. The used car company who bought it went bankrupt and being a stock corporation, his company is only liable to the company´s assets. The first priorities are his debts to the government, so there wasn´t anything else to distribute to us. So this year we started paying the financing company since the debt is still in our name since he didn´t pay. The worst thing is that he sold it to someone else and didn’t use it to pay us.

So please don´t rely on a contract when delivering the goods. Ensure that he has paid before handing it over. We learned it the hard way. So actually all my efforts in my business goes only to this, nothing goes to us .Luckily we have been blessed with such compassionate family who gave us a helping hand.

I leave you with my new blog gallery :) Have a nice day!

Hilsen Angelie

*Hvis du syns dette innlegget var nyttig eller av inspirasjon, så setter jeg pris på å høre fra deg eller om du deler det i sosiale medier. På forhånd, takk :)

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