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About Angelie

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Hi, I am Angelie. I run and is also the main photographer of Angelworx Photography by Angelie and I am currently based in Norway.

I feel very blessed to have the privilege to document the story of a celebration that marks the beginning of a couple’s lifelong journey. The trust that I get from my couple who connects to my work is what allows me to tell their story as their quiet observer and storyteller through my imagery.

Wedding photography is currently what I specialize in and in a style that combines documentary, editorial and formal portraiture. I believe that all the parts of the wedding has a hand in telling your story. From the carefully selected details, the solitude and intimacy in the portraits to the emotional expressions of joy, love and unity.

I love to capture the beautiful raw moments , the tears of joy, the sudden outburst of laughter or the discreet giggle. The hugs and the kisses, the hands in the air as a victorious and triumphant sign (we finally did it!) and the surroundings, whether urban or nature, modern or vintage. And of course the love manifested between yourselves and those who chose to celebrate your love with you! For it is love that is the very reason for this day!

I am a very meticulous planner and I will be very glad to give input to your schedule and I usually scout locations ahead. A good plan can create more room for creativity, make the photography session run as smooth as possible as well as make sure we get the best light to shoot the photos in. And believe me, good light can make a huge difference to photographs.

I am thankful for all my clients who makes it possible for me to pursue my passion and allow me to spread happiness through my visual storytelling.

I like to describe my work in three words:
Narrative – documenting your story through the emotions, details, people and surroundings. You should be able to relive your day as vividly as possible as it was yesterday through the images I deliver.
Reflective – making sure that your personality shines through.
Thoughtfulness – I want our work to be evident of how I consider your satisfaction in everything I do, from the quality of the products to the service we provide. I want to sincerely listen to what you have to say and get to know you well.

Now, I want to know more about you! So please contact me if you want to know more about what I can do for you and how I can document your day! Whether you’re having it next door or many, many miles away, we’ll be there wherever you want to get married to the love of your life.