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Destination: Italy, Amalfi coast; gratitude

So I am back from wonderful Italy and still exhausted from all the impressions still digesting and lingering in my mind.
I slept so bad cause I din’t want to lose time to explore.
Even my appetite was affected by the excitement who took permanent residence in my tummy for the entirety of the trip.

I just wanna summarize a little bit in words, the whole experience.
My posts later on will be filled with images that will be sent to my film lab, Richard Photo Lab for processing.
All the images below are shot in digital and is a tiny sneak peak ;)

:::Moda e Arte Workshop:::

This is truly as a business person and a photographer been the best investment I have ever made.
I don’t know even where to begin to sum up this dream of an adventure and I am grateful for being so lucky to experience this in my lifetime.

I will do a longer post on this, but for now I want to say I am grateful to all the talented and passionate speakers who arranged this whole workshop.
I am thankful for making new friends from all over the world who are just as hungry to grow their business and take their photography to a higher level.
I am blown by the beautiful things and persons we saw.
This was a place filled with people who constantly reaches for their dreams, passion, beautiful visions and who possesses a good heart.
And as a bonus, we had it in the picturesque Hotel Caruso in Ravello.

And I am proud that I managed to push myself to an entire different level than I could imagine.
That was possible with the great guidance of my peers and lecturers.
Totally surprised with shooting so much film and so little digital.
In turn, that helped me be more careful with my composition, to get used to manual focus, to read the light by eye (just a little more practice), encouragement to use light meter more and change filmrolls faster.
And now I feel that incorporating film in my services is more within reach.

As a business person, I got a lot of valuable input and tidbits to which direction I should go.
This would mean investing in rebranding with time and cost, but I feel this will be so worth it.

So to KT Merry, Chad Keffer, Sandra Åberg, Perry Johnson, Joy Proctor, Jannie Baltzer, Sandra Lovisco, Denisa Eidlichova, Tomasso Pasquali and designers and collaborators who put this together, thanks from all my heart for your efforts and ideas that gave birth to this amazing workshop.
Thanks also to the awesome sponsors (please check out for complete list of sponsors).

To Jamie Grenough, Gert Huygaerts, Frøydid Geithus, Ida-Marie Magnussen, Tanja Kibogo, Claire Graham, Anneli Marinovich, Heather Payne, Kristy Ryan, Kylee Yee, Rui Vaz Franco, Christiana Vaz Franco, Kristy Ryan and Sara Love, huge love to this awesome group.
I encourage you to check out their work, because these are really talented photographers that I am so inspired by.
I learnt so much from them too.

Keep the fire going and hope to see you guys again!



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