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Entrepreneur: The painful stage

I had a massage at work. Once or twice a week, a nice masseur comes to our work and offer 30 min. classic massage for a small fee. Naturally, we talk about what’s causing aches and stress that affects my physical condition. So, we talked about work and business, and how it demands so much of us. We especially touched on the topic starting out. She sited it as “the painful stage” as she recalled it.

As I waved and kissed my boy goodbye for the nth weekend, so mommy can work better, the masseur’s words popped in my mind. Yes, it is indeed a painful stage, the sacrifices you have to make.

Seldom, do we get to create our memories so that I will be able to give other person’s their memories. It’s the irony of it all, but in the end, my goal in all of this is to grow the business to get more quality time and to increase the quality of our life. Or else, it just loses meaning.

Familiebildepin it

A crappy, grainy unedited instagram photo, but still worth so much for me. Since his birth, I can’t remember the last time we sat in the sofa all three of us.

By the way, my bio section in my blog changed. Me heart ProPhoto 4.


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