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Angelworx: Seeing stars

Ok, so droppin’ by a short while to empty my blogthoughts. I have a lot going on, so basically, it’s changing routines, adjustments and changing them again till I find one that conform to my current situation. That being said, prioritizing, organizing and basically time management dictates that blogging gets pushed down a bit for now. But I do have a little time for a short update (knowing me, short isn’t short for the general public).

Exposed Magazine by Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star Exposedpin itThis wonderful and witty photographer crossed my path somewhere in bloglandia at 2007-ish. I was having this thing for wedding photographer blogs that was an aftermath of my wedding and wedding planning stage. So I know I bumped into her, virtually speaking, but remembered also that Jessica Claire was my stalking blog back then. Fast forward to 2011, and I learn more about Jasmine. Her humor, larger than life personality and her story surfaces. And BAM, that was it…I was sold. Major influence and inspiration.

Anyway, she has all these crazy ideas and visual presentations. Her blog looks like a magazine, so why shouldn’t her biography not look like a magazine as well, right. It’s so consistent with her fashion forward persona. This magazine had a long travel from far west to far north, and the wait was long, but I had a reason to look forward to the mail. My husband knows that everytime I get a little more annoying, asking if he checked the mail every single day, then certainly Mrs. Hafzullah has swiped her card somewhere in the world wide web. Much like my make up shopping spree days back then…But let’s not dive into that…

When the mag arrived, I had a quick browse, and in these days that I am enjoying a new iPad from hubby and considering reading books through iBooks (like biographies; Steve Jobs and books with advices like  Dane Sander’s fast track), I must say it is refreshing to have a book/mag  with pages that you can actually turn and touch. I went so far as to imagining the good ole’ days where I had time on my hands and I could snuggle in my cozy corner in the sofa with a blanket, hot chocolate and read a book, while the tv was on. Though if we really talk about technical changes, I’d rather have my real life baby Kean now and with less time on my hand, than having a Tamagochi pet to feed and give cyber love. Rain check on that hot chocolate moment any time, if that’s the case.

So this is just a story of me receiving  the magazine. What more so, if I was to review this book. Conclusion, I talk/write too much…


So what is this all about. Certainly not something to do with my teenage idol, Ralph Macchio from his adventures in that guitar movie, and not even close to Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony. Well, a little maybe, Harmony? Yes, I need to find my balance. I am finding myself on the verge of a cliff, and having to decide on how to not fall down. It’s a tricky thing, because there are so many considerations. Decisions I make has to balance with the heart and mind, of dreams and realities, of being practical and unpractical. There is also my social life, my family life, my business, my work, my health, my spiritual life, our family’s’ desire to expand in the future and my home. They have to come together nicely like a house of cards. One falls of and the rest may just come falling after.

What I do know, is that I am definitely pursuing photography, but how intense is more the question. How will I spread my plans and ideas over a longer period of time. Patience is really the key. I can’t expect a major change in a short space of time. Once I succumb to that and let go, I know my approach and stress level will be different. One thing I know though is that I can’t stop it now. As someone wisely said, if you don’t start somewhere, you’ll never get to your destination, or something to that effect. And likewise, if you wait till you’re ready, you’ll never get started.


So, you often hear me moan and groan over time, and it’s a common issue with photographers. Most photographers needs a part time job before it is really established and has reached a good enough growth to sustain the family’s economy and with a surplus. There are many aspects of growing in the photography business, and of course one is improving one’s skills through learning and growing. In my capacity as of this moment, my solution is more on online videos, reading books and blog hopping. I am so determined in this area, and I will make it a point to not neglect this part of the business. I am a lover of knowledge and believer of education, so I will nurture this. And the dream is attend workshops of the photographer’s I admire the most.

New look for my site

In other news, my site got a little creative juice. I saw some downloads at August Empress and so I contacted her to clarify a point in her terms, and she is just so generous and creative. I got my spanking new and pretty background from her site. Her blog is also inspiring.

So hope you like the new look!


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