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AngelworX: December update

Hey folks,

First of all, a decision I have to make regarding blogging. My blog is gonna be be written in english from now on (the tags, categories and links will stay in Norwegian though).

Time constraints, being more used to blogging in english (since 2005!) as well as some other reasons led me to this. Besides, most inhabitants of our earth understand English. I’d love to hear your opinion on this, so please leave a comment on this post. Anyway, you can, if you have any questions or comments, post in the language you are most convenient with, and I will reply in the same language (norwegian, filipino or english).

So, I made a blog schedule calendar and I had to keep postponing the posting schedule. I have so  many things to blog about, but so little time. But as soon as I have everything normalized and all the heavy time-consuming stuff gets out of the way, I vow to keep my blogging regular!

For now, because of the long pause since last post, it is appropriate with a little highlight summary….

AngelworX Creative Productions – highlights

  • As of now, the facebook page has 181 likers. Thanks to each and every one of you and to those who spreads the word, so that we continue to grow. Very soon, there will be some likers appreciation giveaway so please watch out for that in a separate blog post!
  • My twitter business account is slowly growing. My blog and facebook has gotten most attention, but I am working on heightening my twitter experience. I am currently familiarizing myself with the world of twitter, with hashtag and the likes. Do you tweet? If so, please add me @angelworx2612.
  • I almost got literally hooked to pinterest. For someone as visual as me, a dreamer and a lover of all human senses, Pinterest was almost too much to handle. It’s an awesome place of inspiration and a perfect opportunity to share with you how I think, feel, see and my preferences, taste and inspiration.
  • I have had some really awesome purchases lately. One of which is the shootsac lens bag which I got to try in an event (the company claim that this bag will change the way you shoot, and I almost have to agree on that, taking the strain and the load off, you can be more focused and more creative). My lenses (even the 70-200) slipped in and out of the bag, while staying protected and not being bulky.
  • Other cool purchases are some really nice and unique props and container/baskets to use in my newborn photography. I won’t post previews as I want the first time you’ll see it, there will be a heartmelting, cutiepie baby in it!
  • I also bought an online proofing software, VEND. I just need to set this up and get hosting services for this. What this basically means, as a customer, you’ll get to see your images online and purchase products and services from those images online. This particular online proofing software is from the super duper guys behind intothedarkroom, which creates really cool, sleek and modern products for photographers, with great functionality.
  • I have made a lot of changes and additions  in my blog and webpage. I feel it is important for me to provide you with necessary information, like pricing, customer reviews and availability. There is also new “sliding drawer” to the left. One with all the social media I am in. There are so many and it’s hard to keep track sometimes.
  • I also changed the design and layout. Please feel free to explore the rest of my links and don’t hesitate to ask, if something is unclear! I appreciate and answer all inquiries! I am also open for suggestion in how I can make this blog, and my website, a better experience for my readers.
  • You can now get my blog updates on e-mail! For those of you who much rather get blog updates on e-mail rather than rss feeds, you can put your e-mail address on the top right of this blog and send the request.
  • We have had the first request for a blog post and it is actually in the making under drafts. The request was on giving tips in taking pictures of events. Stay tuned and please keep on suggesting. One can never have enough of ideas and I am all for sharing!
  • So far, most updates have been positive, but I also have had one mishap lately, from someone claiming my picture as theirs. The ordeal is over, he called and apologized and I am thankful and appreciative that one individual, or maybe even more, has learned something about intellectual property rights from this incident! I will post extensively on this subject matter later. For now, see my update in Facebook. The same rules apply everywhere I post my pictures in the world wide web or in real life for that matter. I work hard on my skills and images, so please give credit, where credit is due….
  • There are more changes to come. My list is long and I have great plans and ideas for my photography business…Can’t wait to share it with you!

Coming home from Norefjell, I suddenly saw this snowboard event in the middle of downtown. So I started snapping! Picture of my shootsac bag on a pink sofa. It also comes with a detachable plain black cover. I wish for the baroque one as well. Loved that three in Norefjell. It had such character.  The last image is actually taken from my Iphone through instagram. I am almost lost for words to describe it. A beautiful place that have seen so much suffering. We passed it on the way back from Norefjell. This is Utøya. My heart bleeds for the mourning families out there. This was a strong visual encounter.

Personal – highlights
  • We had a company trip and kick off event in the mountains. It was held in Norefjell spa resort where we went last year as well. A great place with many great photo opts! Will definitely share some of my images from there soon.
  • Winter is upon us and it is a season I dread….I am not really into winter sports,I hate the cold, fashion is not that fun when you’re covered in multiple layers, skin gets dried, electricity goes up, trouble getting that car up that little road up to our house, slippery roads, snow up to our knees, dark and gloomy leading to less vitamin d,  early sunsets and the list goes on. It’s a long season ahead and I just have to brace myself for this. I do think though, that it is cozy with soft snow, sun and mild temperatures. Hot chocolate and fireplace. That’s the better side of it, when and if we get those days…I’m such a hopeless romantic…
  • My little kid is such a great and quick learner. He knows how to sing the entire English alphabet, numbers and colors. And he knows certain words in both kurdish, english, norwegian and filipino, and he can use them interchangeably. I also love that he is not just developing his intellect, but also his social skills and playfulness. He is so sweet and so easy to talk to and discipline. We make sure we are firm when we correct him, but we do not yell. We believe that children pick up some of their behaviors from the  adults. Raising my child is such a rewarding thing and being a mom is one of my most favorite role. Before I had him, I was afraid that being a mom would stress me out. Quite the contrary, he is my stress reliever. Nothing warms me more than him calling out for his “mommy” in his cute voice.
  • Speaking of calling out after mommy, I was waiting for my husband, Kean and Cecilia at a mall, and I was looking at the mall overview. Suddenly I heard someone say “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy,mommy” with such glee and happiness. Kean, usually would shout just one or two “mommy” and that’s it, and he would just repeat it after a while. So I thought to myself “oh how lucky that mom is to have his son call out to her like that”, and as I turned around, I see my boy running towards me. It was him all along. Indeed, a lucky mom I am. I was stressed out that day because of my other work and all the period ending due dates and overtime, and on top of it, the incident of my photo being claimed by someone else, really made me upset, but seeing my kid and hearing him call me out like that, made me forget all the worries, and I was not tired all of the sudden…
  • Mom, dad, sister and my nephew, Samuel will be back from their vacation from the Philippines tomorrow. I’ll be seeing them on Sunday. I missed them a lot!
So life is good! There are ups and downs, but there’s so much to be thankful for. There is still a lot of goodness in this world. Thanks for tagging along ;)

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